Size Matters

What Size Watch is Right for You?


Small Watches

Watches up to 31mm in diameter are considered small. These watches are a great fit for small wrists, or if you’re looking for smaller touch of style.

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Medium Watches

Medium watches are in the range of 32mm-41mm in diameter. This is the most popular size, and like smaller watches, these watches are a good option for small wrists.

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Large Watches

We classify watches between 42mm and 47mm as large. But don't let the name fool you, these watches rarely look out of place on any wrist.

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Oversized Watches

X-Large and oversized watches are 48mm and up in diameter. If you have larger wrists, or just want to make a bold statement, these are for you.

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Watch Size Frequently Asked Questions

Watch sizes are determined by measuring the diameter of the watch case with calipers. Small watches are under 40mm in diameter and the largest watches are over 50mm.

The size watch you wear depends on your personal preference and your wrist size. If you want to use your wrist size as a starting point, getting that measurement is easy. Learn how to measure your wrist for a watch at our blog.

Stainless steel watch bands can be adjusted in different ways, depending on the type of band you have. Check out one of these videos based on your needs:
  • Milanese Mesh/Sliding Clasp Bands
  • Watch Bands with Cotter Pins
  • Watch Band Micro Adjuster