Men's Small Watches

Looking for a watch that doesn't overwhelm your wrist? You're in the right place. Small watches for men are great for guys with smaller wrists or those who don't want to rock an oversized timepiece. Nixon makes a variety of small face watches in both analog and digital categories.

In the analog category, we have small dive watches that are water-resistant from 100m to 300m. That's deep enough to do some serious underwater exploration. Nixon also makes small gold watches for men looking to add a bit of shine to their look. Our small gold watches range from minimalist designs to expertly crafted chronographs.

If gold isn't your style, check out the small silver watches we offer. Silver provides a classic look that isn't as flashy but still turns heads. We have a wide range of stainless steel watches for smaller wrists.

In the digital category, we have small digitals that are fashionable, functional, and fit just right. Surfers will appreciate the digital watches with pre-programmed tide information for beaches around the world. Athletes will appreciate the digital watches we offer with comfortable bands and multiple timer options. Style-conscious men will love our fashion digitals, which have progressive designs and plenty of fun details.

When it comes to cutting-edge design and quality craftsmanship, these watches prove you don't have to go big.